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Deutz F4L 514 diesel engine
Magirus Deutz SH 3504 chassis


The Deutz air cooled diesel engines were very popular for Magirus-Deutz fire trucks of the fifties to seventies. These engines could very well handle the high load for powering the pumps during long periods without geting overheated. One major disadvantage of these aircooled engines is the noise they make. The sound of these engines is very recognisable.
After Magirus-Deutz was taken over by Iveco in the eighties, Magirus and Deutz were separated, and the use of Deutz engines in Magirus (later named Iveco) trucks was discontinued.

The F4L 514 engine was used for the light Magirus-Deutz "rundhauber" fire trucks.
For the heavier trucks V6 and V8 Deutz diesel engines were available.

Deutz air cooled diesel engine

Type: F4L 514
Cylinders: 4
System: 4 stroke
Displacement: 5322 cc
Bore x stroke: 110 x 140 mm
Power: 90 HP / 85 HP (DIN)
Max RPM : 2300/ min
Compression: 17.3 : 1
Fuel pump : Bosch
Weight : 445 kg
Fuel consumption: 6.2 km/L




Magirus Deutz SH 3504 chassis

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Deutz F6L 613 diesel engine
Magirus Deutz 126 D 10 aerial ladder truck chassis



Deutz air cooled V6 diesel engine


Type: F6L 613
Cylinders: V6
System: 4 stroke
Displacement: 7413 cc
Bore x stroke: 110 x 130 mm
Power: 126 HP (DIN)
Max RPM : 2300/ min
Compression: 17 : 1
Fuel pump : Bosch
Weight : 725 kg
Fuel consumption: 4 km/L





Magirus Deutz 126 D 10 ladder truck chassis


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